*We are FULLY BOOKED for 2022 and as of the end of December 2022, I will be retiring. 
Thanks for all the precious memories! 

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As of February 2022, I have made the decision to RETIRE as a Wedding Coordinator. I am working only with the brides that are currently booked with me through the end of December 2022. It has been my pleasure and joy to walk alongside each and every one of my brides. Thank you all for choosing me...I have been so honored.

I always want you to remember that weddings and social events should be fun, not stressful. Speaking specifically about weddings, it has always been my belief that weddings are a celebration...yes, they have a lot of moving parts and this can cause worry and fret that all may not go as planned, BUT if you keep things in perspective and focus on what a wedding is truly about - your love for one another and having your loved ones at your side as you make your commitment to God and each other, then your day will be PERFECT! That candle may not stay lit but at the end of the day, none-the-less, you will be married! Breathe, relax and enjoy and leave the details to me and your other wedding professionals who have your best interest at heart!

Good luck and God bless!


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